Kazakhstan visas

Business visas


Business visa (В1, В2, В3) is issued to participants of conferences, symposiums, forums, exhibitions, concerts, cultural, scientific, sports and other events; participants in meetings, organizations of round tables, exhibitions, meetings of experts; accompanying humanitarian assistance; persons arriving for the purpose of reading lectures and conducting classes in educational institutions; participants in the programs of youth, student and school exchanges, except for training in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, persons arriving for the purpose of installation, repair and maintenance of equipment; persons arriving for the purpose of providing consulting or auditing services; persons arriving for negotiations, contracting; persons staying for negotiations, conclusion of contracts within the framework of cooperation in the field of industrialization and investments; founders or the board of directors.

Single entry visa of В1, В2, В3 category is issued for up to 90 days, multiple В1 and В3 - up to 1 year, multiple В2 - up to 180 days.

Please see also the List of states whose citizens are exempted from the necessity of presenting an invitation for the issuance of visas at the website: https://egov.kz/cms/en/articles/visa_classification


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